Faith in Action (continues)

Greetings and Happy New Year!  I haven’t written much lately–sorry–but that isn’t because I haven’t been doing much!  I think the new year plus the 3 days and nights of rain we had here sort of threw me off.  The sun is back out now and the town is hopping again.  This blog is a big one b/c I am adding lots of photos…

Last Sunday I wandered in a new direction–towards the old train station which is now an arts center.  There was a gorgeous view of the lake and from afar I could see one of the large flocks of pelicans.  I hadn’t seen a big grouping of them yet (and my grandmother loves pelicans) so I wandered down the road trying to find a way to get closer.  A nice man directed me to a side road and another man–Luis–reassured me the road was safe, so I meandered down.   I was a little nervous since the path was new to me, but I wanted to see the lake so I decided to have faith that this was the right path for me.  I ended up on the shore of the lake, surrounded by all sorts of birds, cows, horses, and driftwood.  The sun was sparkling on the water–it was gorgeous!

Horse in Lake Chapala Lake horse!

As I was wandering by the lake Luis–the guy I’d asked for directions–appeared along with his 8 year old son, Brian.  It seems he wanted to make sure I found my way to the water and was getting to see the pelicans.  At first I was a bit nervous, but then realized how kind he was.  Men here are oddly chivalrous and it seems as though Luis felt as though a “lady” needed to be accompanied.  The day before this walk I had felt a bit lonely and in need of conversation.  The universe must have been listening because Luis had worked in Canada and spoke quite a bit of English, so between the two of us we had a great time talking while Brian poked things with sticks.

Luis y Brian

Luis and Brian walked with me around the lake shore for almost 2 hours I think…

Driftwood and fishing nets  driftwood and fishing nets

Pelicans!  The pelicans were gorgeous!

Lake shore

Luis had his older son waiting with a van when we returned to the main road.  When I said I would just walk home b/c it was only 2 blocks Luis and Brian walked with me to make sure I got home ok.  Luis has offered to take me on a tour this Saturday, so we’ll see how that goes…  He called from his job yesterday and had me talk to a Canadian guy who seemed quite nice (I think Luis wanted to give me a “reference” to know he’s ok.)  🙂

Other images from the past few days…

Flying kites at the windy shore flying kites at the windy shore

torta y chocoflan

Torta de pierna (pork in sauce) with papas and CHOCOFLAN (one of the best desserts ever!  chocolate cake with flan on top)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Great conversation, salad, and a dog to pet!

On New Year’s Day it continued to rain, but I walked around town anyway and enjoyed more new sights–including the big park by my house that looks out on the lake.  I almost didn’t go into the park because it was near closing time, but I am so glad I did.  It was gorgeous and even though it was raining there were still folks there having picnics.  There were a lot of interesting architectural structures so I ended up doing a study of the park’s geometry and formal elements (color, texture, etc.) that day.  Playgrounds in the rain are sad b/c they are empty but this one was beautiful and weirdly haunting…

Rainy park by the lake picnic area

Freaky slide  freaky slide!


I love the layers of color on the playground equipment

More circles  More gorgeous color…

Colorful waterslide  waterslide!

The layers of color I saw on the playground reminded me of some of the color layering I’ve been doing in my work–“painting” with tissue paper.  I’ve started trying to be more aware of the color relationships I see out in the town here and making notes of textures and shapes that can be used in my work.  Here is some of my work in progress–mixed media collages with tissue paper, sequins, rhinestones, etc.

work in progress

the 4 on the left are 11×14″, 2 on the right are 9×12″

works in progress  4×6″ each

works in progress  4×6, 3×5, 11×14

Thanks for being on this journey with me…more to come!

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